Our Customer's Experiences

" If you've struggles with, let's say it, B.O for years Papalotl Naturales Deodorant will finally be your solution. I've tested just about every brand there is... "women's" and men's scent, all-natural drugstore deodorants, heavy duty ones, roll on, spray.. you name it. NOTHING has ever worked me. Wanted to try brands like Native, but they are too pricey. Papalotl Naturale's concoctions exceeded every expectation iI had about the power of a truly all-natural, simple deodorant. It's 95 degrees and I'm sweating, but my pits smell like a happy garden of eucalyptus, I'm so relieved that I'm not putting harsh chemicals on my body, and my heart is full from supporting a small business. Thank. You. So. Much. -Ella